Santa Clara University


Faculty Research in Sustainability

  • iconMark Aschheim

    Aschheim's research focuses on earthquake-resistant construction and sustainable structural materials.
  • iconSteven Chiesa

    Chiesa researches the use of biological processes and systems to manage solid and water waste.
  • iconRuth Davis

    Prof. Ruth Davis incorporates sustainability into the core curriculum and obtains funding for sustainability programs.
  • iconRachel He

    Transportation engineering can lead to reduced traffic congestion and less noise and airborne pollutants from vehicle emission.
  • iconTimothy Healy

    Prof. Tim Healy is the electrical advisor for SCU's Solar Decathlon entryies, and is active in the development of a series of courses in the area of sustainable energy studies.
  • iconTim Hight

    Prof. Tim Hight has been the faculty project manager for the two SCU entries into the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition.
  • iconChristopher Kitts

    Kitts leads students in developing autonomous and robotic systems to address many sustainability issues.
  • iconEdwin Maurer

    Sustainability is integral to all of Maurer's research, which centers on climate change impacts on water resources.
  • iconSarah Kate Wilson

    Wilson's research in wireless digital communications focuses on solutions to social need that create social parity.