Santa Clara University


Rachel He

Transportation engineering is a growing field that has the potential to improve the quality of urban life in a number of different ways. A division of civil engineering, this field focuses on reducing traffic congestion, alleviating noise and airborne pollutants from vehicle emission, and planning for save evacuation in times of disaster, whether natural or human-caused.

In the Civil Engineering 145 course, Transportation Engineering, Professor He clearly addresses issues pertaining to a sustainable transportation system. In class, students learn of the latest practices for providing an environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable transportation system. Discussion covers highway geometric design, and traffic control, as well as transportation planning, policies and economics.

One aspect of He's research is traffic management for both recurrent congestion conditions and emergency situations, with a focus on maximizing the reliability and flexibility of transportation systems. Professor He enthusiastically encourages undergraduates to join this field, each year she advises several students who choose transportation simulation modeling as their senior capstone projects. Alleviating congestion, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring safe evacuation in times of disaster, she believes, are as much a part of our survival as structural engineering.

Dr. He has presented numerous papers at international conferences on the topic of transportation engineering, and continues to be inspired to further her research in this area with the assistance of improved computer simulation models.

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