Santa Clara University


Tim Healy

Tim Healy holds the Thomas J. Bannan Chair of Electrical Engineering.  While teaching  energy courses in the 1970s, he wrote two books in the field, including Energy and Society.  More recently, he has introduced a new course for the School of Engineering in photovoltaic devices and systems, and he is active in the development of a series of courses in the area of sustainable energy studies.

Along with Professor Samiha Mourad, Dr. Healy co-founded the Latimer Energy Laboratory, which is committed to the support of electric energy studies across a very broad range, from kindergarten through university education.

Healy was electrical advisor for the highly successful 2007 SCU Solar Decathlon team, and continues in that role with the 2009 SCU-CCA Solar Decathlon design. He firmly believes that the development of new sustainable energy systems is vital to the economic and environmental health of the world, and is committed to the development of educational tools necessary to the realization of such systems.

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