Santa Clara University


Edwin Mauer

In teaching his course on sustainable water resources, civil engineering 161, Professor Ed Maurer has his students approach sustainability by looking at many aspects of engineering design and analysis related to water supply and flood control, primarily, from local to national scales. Here, students consider the assumption, which is built into almost all engineering design, that the future will resemble the recent past and determine how our design approaches might change in response to changes in population, environmental requirements, climate change, and a shift in societal values.

Sustainability is integral to all of Maurer's research, which centers on climate change impacts on water resources. He has been particularly focused on how to deal with uncertainty in future projections of climate change, and related impacts to water, and how water managers might cope with uncertainty in planning.

Dr. Maurer is a highly sought-after speaker at public events about climate change in general. and impacts on water, including meetings of Sustainable Silicon Valley, Santa Clara Valley Water District board of directors, California Department of Water Resources technical staff, California EPA, and consulting firms and universities in the region. He has served as an expert witness for the State of California and the Sierra Club as they defended themselves in a suit by auto manufacturers opposed to action on climate change. He also participates as a bicycle advocate to promote more sustainable urban design in the South Bay.

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