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Using ePortfolios

SCU ePortfolios offer a rich learning resource for your courses or program


Each time students use ePortfolio in their own coursework–showcasing their best work, reflecting upon what they have learned, or presenting themselves to audiences both at and beyond college–they contribute to an ongoing and substantive documentation of their educational careers. In this way, ePortfolio pedagogy is inherently integrative; it helps turn many disparate pieces into a coherent whole.


– The ePortfolio Initiative
LaGuardia Community College Website


You can guide students’ learning through ePortfolio. Some elements to consider as you develop a template for your course or program ePortfolio:


About Me

Ask students to introduce themselves as learners in an “About Me” section.

Course or Program Goals and Learning Objectives

Organize the components of the ePortfolio according to the course or program goals and learning objectives.

Critical Reflection

Ask students to reflect on their learning. This type of reflection helps students become more aware and intentional about their learning.

Growth over Time

Emphasize growth over time by having students include first drafts, peer feedback responses, and final drafts of work.

Share Work with Others

Ask students to share their work with others.

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