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Examples of already created ePortfolios help us imagine the possibilities for ePortfolio use in courses or in our majors or programs. SCU will be developing a gallery of examples of how students and faculty are using ePortfolios, but until then, here are some samples from other institutions.


Course-level ePortfolios

Faculty can use an ePortfolio as a repository for student work, an opportunity to encourage students to reflect on their learning, and as a way for faculty to provide feedback or assessment of student work. At the conclusion of a course, students may choose to publish their work more broadly, whereas during the course, it may have been available only to the faculty member and/or other classmates.


Students in a course on Rhetoric and Civic Life at Penn State created ePortfolios with blogs, essays, and a speech.

Penn State Sample



This sample shows how work from the entire class is presented in an ePortfolio. The class from SFSU is called Documentary for Health and Social Justice, and the ePortfolio includes a description of the course, introductions to the student filmmakers who collaborated in producing documentaries, and the films themselves.

SFSU Sample



ePortfolios for the Major

In these ePortfolios, students provide background on themselves and show how their work meets the learning outcomes of their programs. Once completed, students have a record of their accomplishments and their reflections on their growth as learners in a particular discipline. In addition, faculty in programs gain a rich repository of student work that can be used in assessments of student learning. ePortfolios can chronicle student learning across time, and show how students integrate their understanding of a discipline and how their learning in the majors connects with other university priorities.

As you’ll some of these ePortfolios are still under development (which gives a good glimpse of the process of creating an ePortfolio); while others offer the final version.


At Virginia Tech, a student in the English Department is creating an ePortfolio as part of a requirement for her major.

Virginia Tech sample



At SFSU, all Liberal Studies students produce ePortfolios. The first example takes you to the program goals for ePortfolios and the second is a sample ePortfolio.

San Francisco State University sample 1
San Francisco State University sample 2

Another example from Virginia Tech shows how an Engineering program envisions ePortfolios as a tool for their students’ professional development.

View Virginia Tech sample



ePortfolios for Other Institutional or Co-curricular Goals


At University of Michigan, students have the opportunity to create “Integrative Knowledge Portfolios,” a process that encourages students to ask questions essential for leadership and lifelong learning:  Who am I becoming? What am I learning? What knowledge, skills and strengths am I developing? What can I do? How will I make a difference?

University of Michigan sample



At Loyola Chicago, students create ePortfolios that reflect their experiences in service learning, internships, and study abroad.

Loyola Chicago sample



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