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Where Ethics Engages the World in Bioethics

Health care was at the top of the national agenda this year, and the Center responded with a variety of activities, focusing particularly on reform and on pandemic ethics. In addition, we run many ongoing programs in bioethics, accessible from the left-hand navigation.

Health Care Reform

No issue has roiled the American political waters in recent years like health care reform. The Center is working to foster civil debate about the ethical aspects of various proposals.

Health Care Reform and Social Justice
Blue Shield of California CEO and Distinguished Visiting Scholar Bruce Bodaken spent two days at the Center this fall, delivering a public presentation and talking with students and faculty.

Health Care Reform: Have 20-somethings Been Left Behind?

SCU law students organized this forum, which we co-sponsored, on the impact of reform on young people. It featured a presentation by SCU senior Kari Kjos, one of our Hackworth Fellows.

The Case of Madisyn Whitfield

Honzel Fellow in Health Care Ethics Anna Kozas wrote this case study of an uninsured young woman with Crohn's Disease and her problems accessing the health care system.  Responses come from participants in the Health Care Ethics Internship program.

Pandemic Ethics

Since 2007, when we worked with the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health on preparedness for an influenza outbreak, the Center has been a resource for local governments, faith communities, media, and others on the ethical aspects pandemics.

Pandemic Ethics Toolkit
A set of ethical questions and issues that health departments should consider in developing a pandemic plan, this toolkit was prepared by Bioethics Director Margaret R. McLean.

The Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas of Pandemic Flu

Center Director Kirk O. Hanson wrote this article for the Washington Post "On Faith" Section.