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January 2011 Ethics Center Newsletter

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
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Play When Reality is Broken: Videogames and the Recovery of the Future

More than 174 million Americans are gamers. According to world-renowned game designer Jane McGonigal, the reason for this mass exodus to virtual worlds is that videogames are increasingly fulfilling genuine human needs. McGonigal reveals how we can use the lessons of game design to fix what is wrong with the real world in a talk Jan. 24.
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The Three C's of Immigration

Representatives from the Asian Law Caucus and the Santa Clara County Office of Human Relations look at the three C's of immigration: Causes, Criminalization, and Contributions, Jan. 25. Comments (0) | Full Story »

What Works to Stop Bullying

Practical anti-bullying approaches for schools emphasize educating, not just punishing, the perpetrators; training bystanders to be allies of the victim; and not allowing the isolation or taunting of any child for any reason. Comments (0) | Full Story »

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA): An Ethical Approach

A case study, ethical best practices, and introductory videos highlight this collection of materials on MRSA, a contagious, antibiotic-resistant skin infection that can be a particular problem for athletes. Developed for high school and college athletic directors, trainers, coaches, athletes, and parents, these resources were the product of a conference co-hosted by the Ethics Center, the 49ers Foundation, and Denise and John York. Comments (0) | Full Story »

Ethics In Sourcing

A student intern working on a marketing project for a retailer must decide whether to purchase inexpensive T-shirts from China or fair-trade T-shirts from a company headquartered locally. This case study was written by Meghan Skarzynski, an SCU senior finance major and a 2010-11 Hackworth Fellow at the Center. Comments (0) | Full Story »

Establishing Public Trust

Center Senior Fellow Judy Nadler introduces the basic components of government ethics. Nadler was in public office for 25 years including a stint as mayor of Santa Clara, Calif. Comments (0) | Full Story »

Save the Date: Diane Ravitch

Education historian and policy analyst Diane Ravitch addresses "The Paradox of Educational Reform" Feb. 24. Comments (0) | Full Story »

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