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Video 1: An introduction to a more philosophical theme (below)
Video 2: A fascinating video produced by Kansas State University about our new potential (below)
  • Has technology changed our potential for the better?
  • Does web 2.0 encourage community or limit it?
  • Is this documentary overly optimistic about new technology?
Video 3: An exciting look at where we came from and where we might go (below)
  • What realistic challenges to technology growth does it raise?
  • How might it be overly pessimistic? Or optimistic?
Video 4: A look at the next generation of the internet: web 2.0 (below)
  • What dangers loom in web 2.0?
  • How can we control behavior or conduct in such a free place?
  • SHOULD we control behavior at all?

Being synopsis

How has technology changed what it means to be human?


A selection of recent articles exploring humans new technological potential
  • iconA changing mind

    an interesting look at how technologies are driving human evolution
  • iconAI is calling

    I wonder if the terminator started out as a telemarketer, too
  • iconAI in war

    AI is being used to predict the enemy's next move...what about when it predicts ours?
  • iconDrones in Iraq

    Remotely controlled drones are an agent of death in Iraw

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