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Video 1: An introduction to the consumption theme (below)
Video 2: A homemade video on youtube which features kids ruthlessly destroying their computers (below)
  • Does the "consumption" of this video harm the viewer?
  • Is this anger revealing something deeper than immaturity? Does it reflect frustration with technology?
  • Is it the "death of technology," when they use a camera to film their destruction, a computer to edit it, and the internet to post it?
Video 3: A documentary video which explores the e-waste (below)
  • Does this video impact you more than reading about e-waste?
  • Does our thirst for advancement make this waste inevitable?
  • How can technology consumption be controlled? Should it be?

Video 4: Another exploration of technological waste which features a company which recycles it (below)
  • Are you aware of how you can recycle old technology?
  • How can consumers track what happens to their old stuff?
  • Are you responsible for your e-waste?

Consumption theme synopsis

How does technology change our consumption


A selection of news articles which feature discussions of technology and consumption

  • iconGoing Green with IT

    IT companies are starting to address cooling and energy costs associated with their massive computing operations
  • iconDigital Consumption

    Corporations are using second life to expand stores into a digital world
  • iconNews Consumption

    Expanding bandwidths have allowed media outlets to feed consumer's insatiable demand for instantenous news and entertainment
  • iconRobot Consumption

    A newspaper article examines the robot buying trends of US consumers present and future
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