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Video 1: An introduction to the entertainment theme (below)
Video 2: Tapped (below)
  • Who may be watching what you're doing online?
  • What are your online privacy rights?
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Video 3: IRob (below)
  • Is there such a thing as being too plugged in?
  • What is the effect of everyone listening to his or her own individual IPod on interactions in the real world?
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Video 4: A Cartoon look at the "RIAA Conspiracy" (below)
  • Are record companies too eager to sue for profit?
  • Is stealing songs/movies easier than paying, and if so how does that affect the ethical nature of the action
Video 5: A student video chronically the adventures of a ridiculous runner (below)
  • Does filming "having fun" change how we "have fun"?
Video 6: An SCU ninja terrorizes the campus (below)
  • Does this video cross the line of appropriate film-making?
  • Could this video encourage questionable behavior?
  • Why did the ninja cooperate with the filmmakers?
Video 7: A student perspective of awkward office hours (below)
  • Could this video make professors more able to empathize with students?
  • Did this video ignite memories of your own? How?

Entertainment Synopsis

A brief introduction to how entertainment has been morphed by emerging technologies


A selection of articles which deal with technology and the evolving realm of entertainment
  • iconRoboworld?

    The Carnegie Science Center is opening a massive new exhibit on robotics. The exhibit will feature a robot arm that can shoot hoops.
  • iconRIAA lobbying

    The companies that sue college students are beefing up their lobbying efforts in DC
  • iconRIAA is big brother?

    RIAA online investigation teams might be watching you
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