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5 Questions to Frame a Technology and

Achieve the Digital Good Life

How does it work?
Do I understand the basic functions of the technology or am I jumping into the darkness? How might my values or rights like privacy be jeopardized by using this tool?

Whom and what does it affect?
Am I affecting another person or group of people through use of this tool? Is it possible to be aware of my impacts?

What does it replace?
Does this technology replace an older gadget or perhaps social interaction? Although it has replaced something or someone, does it help me attain a good life?

How much control do I have?
Am I able to control my use of the tool, or is it inherently uncontrollable or insecure? Does it end up controlling me?

Does it improve life?
What place could and should this technology have in my life? Does it make me or the community better off?

The Cydent site was supported in part by a grant from the Santa Clara University Technology Steering Committee. It was the Hackworth Fellowship project of Santa Clara University senior Christopher Foster.