Santa Clara University

Video 1: An introduction to the learning theme of the Cydent project (below)
Video 2: A video survey of Santa Clara University's Second Life Virtual Island which includes an interview with its creator, communications professor Mike Ballen (below)
  • Was Santa Clara's Second Life project necessary?
  • How does a Second Life campus impact student learning or life?
  • Do virtual campuses undermine or support community?
Video 3: A creative video produced at Kansas State University which explores the changing characteristics of today's student and the sometimes-outdated learning approaches they confront (below)
  • Do students need to learn in different environments than a typical classroom?
  • Does Santa Clara have an obligation to incorporate more media into its curriculum?
  • Are today's students better or worse than those a decade before? a century before?
Video 4: A SCU student-made video which reenacts the conditions WWII soldiers faced (below)
  • Do student video projects like this one enhance emotional connection to historical events, periods, and people?
  • Are there limits to what students should be able to create video reenactments of? What about a student video exploring the emotional impact of rape?

Learning Theme Synopsis

How is learning as a cydent different?

News Stories

A survey of interesting learning and technology articles 
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    A New Zealand newspaper predicts that classrooms will soon fully migrate to the digital arena
  • iconLearning and Technology

    Does learning become easier with more gadgets and time-saving technologies?

  • icon21st Century Classrooms

    Students are demanding new technologies but schools and teachers are failing to adapt a new study finds.

  • iconhi-tech high schools

    A hi-tech charter school shows that US high school students can learn and apply new technologies on par with other leading nations' schools

  • iconA New Way of Thinking

    Constantly surrounded by technology, the human mind is begging to change and adapt to new digital surroundings

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