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Digital Journalism Ethics

How are social media reshaping news values? Is disclosure more realistic than objectivity? Is privacy possible? These and other ethical questions have been the focus of several programs hosted by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Materials from those events and other resources on digital journalism ethics are available here.
Digital Journalism

2014-15 Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics

Digital Journalism Ethics Resources for Newsrooms and Classrooms

Journalism Ethics Codes

Videos and Summaries from the 2013 Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics

Gitlin Who Can Deliver the Journalism We Need in the Digital Public Square?
Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism & Sociology, Columbia University
RichardGIngr The Future of Digital Journalism in the Public Square
Richard Gingras, Head, News & Social Products, Google
Hearn What is Journalism’s Mission in the Public Square?
Lorie Hearn, Executive Director and Editor, Investigative Newsource
Gardner When “Truth” Seems a Matter of Debate, Should Journalists Advocate Critical Thinking and News Literacy?
Sue Gardner, Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
Reynolds Cultivating Diversity Across Race, Class, Gender, Generation, and Geography
Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Digital First Media
moor Curating and Promoting News Important to Civil Society
Anthony Moor, Director of Editorial Operations, Yahoo!
Henry Can Technical Solutions Protect Free and Informed Debate in the Public Square?
Henry Holzman, Chief Knowledge Officer, MIT Media Lab

2013 Roundtable Attendees
Roundtable Member Bios
Live Blog by Students

Videos, Study Questions and Resource Links from the 2011 Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics

RichardGIngr Ethical Challenges for Digital Journalism
   Questions and Resources 
   Richard Gingras, head of news products, Google
ScottRosenberg Accuracy and Newsgathering Online
   Questions and Resources
   Scott Rosenberg, executive editor, Grist
BryanMonroe Accountability and Transparency in Digital Media
   Questions and Resources
   Bryan Monroe, editor,
Joaquin Alvarado Inclusiveness in Digital Media
   Questions and Resources
   Joaquin Alvarado, senior VP for digital innovation, American Public Media

ChristineMontgomery Using Metrics to Make Editorial Decisions
   Questions and Resources
   Christine Montgomery, chief digital officer, Center for Public Integrity
JaneMcDonnell Findings From the Online News Association Survey
   Questions and Resources
   Jane McDonnell, executive director, Online News Association

2011 Roundtable Attendees
Bios of Video Presenters

Conclusions from Previous Roundtables on Digital Journalism Ethics
Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas for Digital Journalists

2008 Roundtable Summary
Codes of Journalism Ethics