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What is Journalism’s Mission in the Public Square?

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Lorie Hearn, Executive Director and Editor, Investigative Newsource
2013 Digital Journalism Ethics Roundtable

To analyze the mission of journalism in the public square for the 2013 Digital Journalism Ethics Roundtable, Lorie Hearn, executive director and editor of Investigative Newsource, used the example of San Diego's three media sources.

The first, UT, the revamped Union Tribune, is the city's traditional newspaper, distributed in print and online. The UT's owner believes that its mission is to promote a specific agenda for San Diego, including such goals as waterfront development and a new football stadium, according to Hearn.

Hearn described Voice of San Diego, an online-only medium, as a "scrappy" source of news. The Voice began as an investigative organization and now includes explanatory journalism as well.

Finally, Investigative Newsource, where Hearn is editor, focuses on data-driven journalism in partnership with San Diego's KPBS public radio, TV, and Web outlet.

"Are we all practicing journalism?" Hearn asked. "Do we share the same level of respect and credibility? In this new world, what is the mission of journalism?"

April 2013