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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2011

"We want to track the carbon that goes into a day in the life of a Santa Clara University student whether you're living on or off campus, eating meals in Benson, falling asleep during your 8 a.m. class (yes: we've done that, too), or flying back home after a stressful fall quarter."

That "mission statement" led this year's Center Environmental Ethics Fellows to design a Carbon Footprint Calculator, which allows students to add up the various ways they impact the environment.  The calculator measures how much carbon dioxide--the gass that has been implicated in global warming—it takes to support a lifestyle.

This year's fellows were Samantha Juda SCU '13, Christine Lesnick SCU '13, and Tim Vierengel SCU '13.  They received technical assistance from Antony Setiawan, the Center's Web Developer and a graduate student in Information Systems.

Tags: environmental ethics