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Internet Ethics: The View From Silicon Valley

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2013

 Silicon Valley pioneers and thought leaders discuss key ethical issues in the online world in a new video series from the Center's Internet Ethics Program.  Over the course of ten weeks, founders of such companies as Apple, Adobe, and, as well as CEOs of Symantec and Seagate will be among the people offering their assessment of the ethical challenges represented by the Web.

The first video in the series is an introduction by Santa Clara University Associate Professor of Philosophy Shannon Vallor, who is currently working on a book called 21st Century Virtue: Toward an Ethical Framework for Living Well with Emerging Technologies.  Vallor argues that the people who devise Internet tools and services should think not only about meeting the user's immediate desires and needs, but also about doing that in a way that promotes a good life. 

You can subscribe to the series either by RSS or by email here.