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Yiftee Sponsors The Big Q

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014

Starting this month, Bay Area startup Yiftee is promoting a dialogue about some of the tough ethical dilemmas facing undergraduates. The company will offer Yiftees—gifts redeemable at local merchants—for the first 20 students who comment on The Big Q, a biweekly, online conversation about ethical issues, sponsored by the Ethics Center.

Yiftee co-founder Lori Laub, explains, “Yiftee is the easy and instant way to send thoughtful gifts at local shops and restaurants. We think ethics are so important we want to encourage more students to participate in this leading edge program and are proud to sponsor it. With Yiftee gifts we can provide a fun incentive for the students and support local businesses in one fell swoop.”

If you think it’s easy being a college student, consider a few of the ethical issues the average undergraduate is confronting today:

  • Is the nonprescription use of cognitive enhancements such as Adderall the same as carrying a cheat sheet into a test?
  • Is it cyberstalking to monitor your “ex” on Facebook?
  • Should you pledge a fraternity that hazes its members?

The Big Q, which launched in 2011, has had more than 200,000 pageviews, and comments from students from around the country, from Santa Clara to Columbia, from Berkeley to Maine College of the Arts. Ethics Center Assistant Director Miriam Schulman described the idea behind The Big Q and the partnership with Yiftee: “We asked ourselves, how can we get students to reflect on the very real ethical quandaries we know they face? Why not go where students are already engaged in conversation—the Internet?”

The Big Q includes a blog, Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube playlist. “Since we’re an online project, Yiftee gifts, which are sent by smartphone or Web, seemed like a natural incentive for our participants,” Schulman said. “We’re so grateful to Yiftee for sponsoring this important conversation.”

Yiftee gifts are the new way to acknowledge life’s special moments, in two minutes or less. Giftees instantly receive their Yiftee digital MasterCard vouchers on Facebook, email or text and stop by a local merchant to pick up their gift. Yiftee is social, local and mobile and a WIN-WIN-WIN for the business, gift giver and gift recipient. Available at and via free iPhone and Android app.