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The Big Q: Ethics for Undergraduates

Monday, Mar. 14, 2011

A video contest ($500 prize), blog, polls, and more are part of The Big Q, a social media campagn designed as a place for students and the people who care about them to talk about the ethical issues undergraduates face in their own lives.

The video contest, open from March 11-April 11, is seeking 2-5 minute videos from undergraduates that highlight one of the Big Qs in college. Examples might be: To cheat or not to cheat?  Is there anything wrong with friends with benefits? Is it okay to take Adderall to study?

Beginning March 28, The Big Q blog will post a case each week drawn from narratives collected from 130 students at universities across the country about an ethical decision they faced in their own college experience.  A weekly poll will be tied to the case and will give students a chance to see how others approach the issues.

Students can also share their own big questions on the project's Facebook wall.

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