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THE GOOD NEWS: NHL First Sports League to Release Sustainability Report

Friday, Jul. 25, 2014

Source: Wikipedia

Monday, the National Hockey League released its 2014 NHL Sustainability Report, becoming the first major sports league to do so. The report sheds light on the NHL's current initiatives, benchmarks, and goals in the sustainability arena.

NHL Green, the NHL's sustainability released in 2010, is highlighted in the Report. Goals of NHL Green:

  • Reduce use of natural resources in business operations
  • Track and measure the environmental impact of the sport
  • Inspire fans and partners to commit to environmental stewardship

"Today we join many of our business who have for years been documenting their emissions and making progress toward their own sustainability goals." Commissioner Bettman

2014 NHL Sustainability Report (NHL)

A Framework for Ethical Thinking (Markkula Center)


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