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What Side Of The Aisle Do You Sit On?

Thursday, Jul. 28, 2011

The debate over the debt ceiling has convinced me that we should mix things up in the House and Senate chambers, and eliminate the aisles.

In the same way my elementary school teachers would move students around the room periodically, we should require the Democrats and Republicans to change their seats, mixing members of the two parties, and eliminating the “divide” that the current layout fosters. In U.S. politics “across the aisle” refers to ideological differences between the parties, but also refers where the members sit-to the left or right of an aisle in the chamber.

The ability to “reach across the aisle” seems to have diminished to the degree that members of one party are encouraged not to fraternize with the members of the other party. This polarization can only serve to encourage and ensure a stalemate on the debt ceiling vote and other important issues.

What do you think?  Short of trading seats, is there any way to encourage interaction and cooperation between the two political parties?

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