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"Slush fund" or legitimate fund?

Monday, Jan. 7, 2013

Every penny counts, especially when it belongs to taxpayers.

That’s why the Arizona Republic has written a series of stories about money council members are spending on items ranging from monogrammed shirts to candy for a parade.

In reviewing the “discretionary funds” in 10 Arizona cities, the paper discovered “$1.2 million in taxpayer funds for meals, travel, construction projects, iPads, and other items."  While the money is sometimes used to support office-holder expenses such as appreciation plaques and picture frames, the proponents  say the accounts also come in handy for supporting charities and to pay for lobbying trips. In one case a councilwoman used $18,138 from her discretionary funds to “pave a quarter-mile-long, dead-end neighborhood street.”

What do you think?

Read more about how individuals are spending public funds  and post your comments here.

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