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Access To Campaign Expenditure Data

Friday, Sep. 24, 2010

Where do you go to find out how much has been spent on the governor's race in California? Is there a place to find a list of who is contributing money? Who is receiving it? How it is being spent?

Fortunately, that information and more is easily accessible at Cal-Access, the Web site of the California secretary of state.

With a click of the mouse, you can also locate copies of forms filled out by candidates for the CalPERS retirement board, check on lobbying activities, and access a calendar of important dates.

This on-line resource provides the transparency necessary for the public to determine how government is working. It allows the press to cover candidates and issues from across the state. The site is an important educational tool, especially during the campaign season. Voters would benefit from bookmarking this link and using the data as they evaluate candidates and ballot initiatives in November.

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