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The Sorry State Of State Propositions

Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

California may make more  headlines for ballot propositions, but a quick check shows voters in other states will also have to make some interesting decisions.

In Oklahoma, for example, there are 11 issues to be decided, from a requirement to present identification at the polls to expand term limits for some officeholders.

These are the more "straight forward" of the propositions. Voters will also have to decide yes or no on State Question 754. Here is what will appear on the ballot: "Approved by the Legislature in response to SQ 744 being placed on the ballot, this proposal would prohibit constitutional spending requirements based on pre-determined formulas or how much other states or entities spend on a function." What does that mean?

Translating the difficult issues into a snappy ballot measure is not the way to enact legislation. The move toward allowing "the people to decide" only allows the legislators to give up their responsibilities.


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