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How Do You Teach Civility?

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

When I tell people I do workshops on ethics in government, they often ask "How can you teach someone to be ethical?"

That question probably comes up for the people at the Institute for Civility in Government, who offer "civility workshops" and trainings for organizations.They wll be featured at the upcoming National Conference of State Legislators meeting.

The non-profit group "aims to build civility in a society that increasingly tilts towards uncivil speech and actions."

While civility impacts all levels of society, the Institute focuses on government, believing that understanding the way we approach governing is as important as any positions we may take.

The workshops are divided into four parts:

  • Know thyself/differences are enriching
  • Listen with your heart, mind and strength
  • Help comes from unexpected places
  • One is powerful, but numbers count

Do you have any examples of the damage done by uncivil discourse? What techniques have you employed to create an open environment that fosters respect?

Post your answers here, and help share the commitment to build a more civil society.

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