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The Link Between Leadership And Responsibility

Monday, Nov. 8, 2010

They are called "leadership failures" or misjudgements. Some elected officials call them lapses in judgement or "slips" but no matter how you dress up  these deeds (or misdeeds) they are still "mistakes."

I can't understand why it is so difficult for politicians to admit they are capable of making mistakes. (Remember the famous line "mistakes were made?")

When President Obama appeared recently on CBS television he spoke of a "series of errors" and admitted he had "misjudged" some things and he hadn't always "been successful."

Part of what drives people crazy when listening to political rhetoric is that it is long on words and short on meaning. I don't know if what the president did was right or wrong, but if he feels he made some mistakes he should come right out and say that.

A hallmark of ethical behavior is the ability to be transparent and responsible for one's actions. If that model started at the top -- the White House -- perhaps Congress would step forward and engage in  honest dialog.


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