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No Such Thing As A Lame Duck

Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

According to the dictionary, a "lame duck" is one that falls behind the rest of the flock, or is weak. Today we use the phrase to describe an elected official holding office during the months between the election and the swearing in of a successor.

But as termed-out Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated this week, a transition period need not be wasted.

The governor is calling an emergency session of the incoming legislature -- the individuals who will be responsible for solving California's $25.4 billion shortfall.

The new legislators will take office December 6, giving Schwarzenegger a limited window of opportunity before Jerry Brown becomes governor.

By declaring a "fiscal emergency" and convening the special session, Schwarzenegger is proving that there is no reason to be a "lame duck," even if the press describes you as such.

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