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Time To Be Grateful For Good Government

Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is fitting to reflect on all the things on our "gratitude list." 

It might not occur to you to be thankful for your public servants, but I am, and here is why.

There are many good, if not great people working every day to make our lives better. Yes, there are those who have lost their moral compass. Yes, we are still recovering from a nasty campaign season. And, unfortunately, some people use public office to forward their personal or financial interests.

But in my experience - working with local, state, and federal legislators- most are trying to do the right thing. They want to continue to provide high quality services despite the economic downturn. They work long hours, sometimes late into the evening, and then lie awake worrying about how to balance a budget, vote on an important issue, or solve a constituent's problem.

People in public life are not perfect, anymore than individuals in medicine, law, education, or any other field. But we should be grateful to them for their willingness to take on the responsibilities of leadership.

One family I know gives thanks every night at dinner, as each person gets to share the highlights (and lowlights) of the day.

Let's use Thanksgiving as a day to think of our public servants and focus on the highlights.



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