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New Year Brings Emphasis On Ethics

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011


January ushers in change, and that was felt in a dramatic way in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where a new form of government was in place Monday, January 3.
The county, formerly led by just three commissioners, is now governed by 11 elected officials and a new county executive. The change was prompted by a history of corruption that led to a ballot measure creating the new structure.
“Integrity and professionalism in our work is an urgent priority for me and should be a key priority for all of us in Cuyahoga County government,” according to Ed FitzGerald, the new top administrator. “We should not delay in establishing a higher standard in the performance of all our duties.”
In addition to restructuring the board, the year begins with a new ethics code requiring all employees to report “wrongdoing or unethical conduct, whether by a fellow employee or outsiders.” There is also a proposal to establish a code of conduct for vendors doing business with the county.


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