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Rooting Out Corruption In Local Government

Monday, Jan. 31, 2011


While political news “inside the Beltway” is standard fare, Prince George’s County in nearby Maryland has been in the headlines as well.
A new county executive, Rushern L. Baker has replaced Jack Johnson, who left office after his indictment on federal corruption charges. “Pay-to-play” was so ingrained in the county government that ending the cycle has been compared to “untying a Gordian knot.”
“It is very important that we should focus on these concerns,” said former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke, who chairs the Accountability, Compliance, and Integrity Advisory Board. He said it is important for people to know what is going on, and for the political leaders to learn “how citizens feel about what is going on.”
The panel will consider a wide range of tools to increase transparency in government, including publishing public documents online. A priority will be examining the establishment of a hotline, identified by the panel as “a deficiency that inhibits rooting out waste, fraud and abuse .”


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