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Best Ethics Opinions Are Clear And In Writing

Friday, Feb. 4, 2011


Denver airport manager Kim Day has been charged by the city’s ethics board for violating the code of ethics for accepting a paid trip overseas in 2009.
Day flew to Greece, with all expenses paid by Insight Media Limited, a London company that was negotiating a contract with the airport at the time of the trip. The value of the contract was $370,000 and Day says the financial details had already been worked out when she flew to Athens.
Although she asked for advice from the ethics board in advance, notes show that the matter was discussed but no opinion was issued. The airport has reimbursed the company $5,700 for the trip.
This situation illustrates the importance of obtaining a clear, written opinion rather than relying on simple conversations. The city and the airport could have avoided the scandal and the cost if better procedures were in place to cover such “gifts” to public employees.


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