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  •  The Big Q Video Contest

    Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2011

    To cheat or not to cheat? Is it okay to take Adderall to study? Is there anything wrong with friends with benefits?

    Create a 2-5 minute video that shows an ethical issue for college students. Prize: $500

    Don’t know what an ethical issue is?  Click Here

    Use your own creative style and approach.  Just be sure the video shows how students face an ethical dilemma.

    Open to undergraduates, ages 18-25, currently enrolled at 2- or 4-year colleges and universities.

    To enter, go to the Big Q Facebook page and click the tab for video contest.  Instructions on uploading your video are on that site. 

    Entries accepted March 11-April 11.

    Judging: Ten finalists will be selected by Facebook likes.  Winner is selected by a panel of three students and three members of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics staff.

  •  What Questions Will the Big Q Cover?

    Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2011

    The first round of The Big Q focuses on nine dilemmas any college student may face:

    Your floormate puts up a poster that you find offensive.

    You want to end a "friends with benefits" relationship but wind up in bed anyway.

    You have been invited to a "Fresh Off the Boat" theme party.

    Your roommate has stopped eating and you worry that she is anorexic.

    Your friend offers you some of his prescription Adderall to help you study.

    One member of your group project is not doing his share of the work.

    You've failed a paper for unintended plagiarism, and your dad wants to call the teacher.

    Your friend has passed out from drinking.  Should you call the EMTs?

    Your first job offer is from a company you're not excited about working for.

    These stories were among the 130 narratives collected from undergraduates across the country by students working for  the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. 

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    Also, visit The Big Q Facebook page to participate in polls about the week's case or to learn about The Big Q Video Contest.

  •  What is The Big Q Blog?

    Monday, Mar. 14, 2011

    The Big Q invites you into a conversation about the big questions college students face in their own lives. Starting March 28, every Monday we will post a short description of an ethical decision students face in college—that group project where one of the members didn’t do her fair share; the roommate who has passed out after a night of drinking; the choice about whether or not to have sex without marriage or even without love. 

    Each of the following days, you can read comments from students, parents, student life professionals, and members of the Ethics Center staff. We want to know what you think as well, so use our comments feature.
    "The Big Q" is part of a larger social media campaign, which includes a video contest with a $500 prize, weekly polls, and a Facebook page. The project was developed by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.  Founded 25 years ago, the Ethics Center works with students, faculty, and professionals in many different fields to understand the ethical issues in people's lives and to develop practical tools for dealing with them.


  •  The Big Q on Facebook

    Monday, Mar. 7, 2011

    The hub for The Big Q project is on Facebook.  There you can:

    • Tell us your own ethical dilemmas and leave feedback for others
    • Vote in The Big Q Poll
    • Enter a video in The Big Q Video Contest.  Vote for the video you like best
    • Find out what college issues are in the news, from Adderall use on campuses to friends with benefits relationships in the movies

    Want to get into a deeper dialog about these issues?  Beginning March 28, this blog will feature a weekly case study of an ethical issue that college students are facing.  Join the conversation.



  •  Meet the Bloggers-Rebecca Bivona-Guttadauro, Case Writer

    Tuesday, May. 1, 2001

    Becca is currently a graduate student at San Jose State University working on a Master's in Sociology. She graduated from Santa Clara in 2010 with a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology. As a student at SCU, she was the social media intern at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.  She wrote many of the cases for The Big Q and developed the pilot Facebook page for the project.  

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    Friday, May. 1, 0201

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