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It Would Be an Honor

Monday, Nov. 26, 2012
Do Honor Codes work?

This post is not a part of our bi-weekly Big Q contest, which will return in January. However, with finals coming up, please comment on this relevant and controversial topic! Subscribe to the blog (by RSS or by email in the right hand column) for updates.


Does your school have an Honor Code?

If so, do you think that it really works?

Why or why not? 


For further reading on this topic, check out these articles: 

Academic Dishonesty: Honor Codes and Other Contextual Influences


Empirical Support for Academic Honor Codes


Do University Honor Codes Work?


A Framework for Ethical Decision Making 




Photo by CollegeDegrees360 available under a Creative Commons License on Flickr. 


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Debbie said on Dec 16, 2012
"Template for a Plagiarism Policy" at NoodleTools shows ways to develop (or evaluate the effectiveness of) a sustainable policy -- with lots of examples of clear language and useful strategies. - Like
The Big Q said on Jan 2, 2013
Thanks for the suggestion. We'll pass the link along to the students who are working on the policy. - Like
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