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Santa Clara University

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

October 2013 Newsletter   

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Center News

The Conscience Project

Join us for a yearlong series of talks exploring our inner moral core as we confront contemporary challenges in science, education, health care, religion, and technology.


Stem Cells, Cloning, and the Conscience
of a Nation

Stanford Professor William Hurlbut has spoken all over the world on the intrinsic dignity of human life, including the moral value of the human embryo. He discusses the biological basis of moral awareness, Oct. 9.


Pay Czar Ethics

Kenneth Feinberg, who administered the September 11th, Deepwater Horizon, and Boston Marathon victim compensation funds, discusses the ethical challenges of responding to disaster, Oct. 22.


Online Price Discrimination

Some online businesses present different customers with different prices for the same goods, depending on factors such as the location of the customer, browsing history, etc. This panel explores the fairness and legality of differential pricing, Oct. 29.


Is Biological Evolution Compatible With a Moral Conscience?

Dubbed "the Renaissance man of evolutionary biology," U.C. Irvine Professor Francisco Ayala explores whether we can retain a notion of conscience in the face of the findings of evolutionary biology, Nov. 7.


Software Engineering Ethics

Designed for software engineering courses, this module includes a reading, homework assignments, case studies, and classroom exercises designed to spark conversation on the ethical issues students will encounter in industry.


Transforming an Organization’s Ethical Culture (video)

Greg Coplans, executive vice president of Hitachi Data Systems, gives practical advice on how to reinvigorate a company's ethical code and communicate with employees about its importance.