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Santa Clara University

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

August 2013 Newsletter    

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Upcoming Events: You're Invited

Trayvon Martin, Race, and Justice

A panel discussion Aug. 5 on the Trayvon Martin case features Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Chris Boscia and SCU Professor of Law Margaret Russell. Co-sponsored by the Center and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


Ethical Dilemmas for Non-Profits

Peter Hero, principal, Hero Group, Brian Adams, vice president of advancement, Bellarmine, and Judith Kleinberg, program director, Knight Foundation, address non-profit ethical challenges. Ethics Center Advisory Board member Ervie Smith (pictured) moderates, Aug. 20.


Thomas Reese, S.J., on Church Reform

Thomas Reese, S.J., speaks on "Pope Francis, Reform in the Church, and Organizational Ethics" Sept. 12. Reese, a distinguished visiting scholar at the Ethics Center, is senior analyst for the National Catholic Reporter.


Robot Morality

Can a machine have a conscience? That's the question George Lucas, professor of ethics and public policy at the Naval Postgraduate School, asks in his presentation for the Ethics Center, Sept. 30.


The Ethics of Sustainability: Why Should We Care?

A personal reflection by Center Environmental Ethics Fellow Allie Sibole explores why it is ethically necessary to act in the interests of the Earth.


Whose Life Is it Anyway? (case study)

A student's parents want him to major in accounting, but his true passion is film-making in this case study from The Big Q, the Center's online dialog on ethical issues for undergraduates.


Change Please (video)

SCU students created this film about a young woman and the embarrassing ways people treat her simply because she is homeless.


The Ethics of Sustainability by Rachel_thecat, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license on Flickr.