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September 2013 Newsletter   

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Center News
Pope Francis at Vargihna

Pope Francis, Reform in the Church, and Organizational Ethics

Thomas Reese, S.J., senior analyst for the National Catholic Reporter and visiting scholar at the Center, offers a perspective on the new pope, Sept. 12.


Can a Machine have a Conscience?

Rapid advances in robotics have allowed engineers to try to program robots to make moral decisions. George Lucas, professor of ethics and public policy at the Naval Postgraduate School, discusses the implications, Sept. 30.


Build. Plant. Grow.

A faith formation program for people of any age who build, plant, and grow the Word in their lives, this curriculum offers weekly lesson plans for churches based on the Sunday readings.


New Senior Fellow in Business Ethics

James O’Toole, former professor at University of Southern California and University of Denver, will be working with the Center’s business ethics programs. O’Toole was executive vice president of the Aspen Institute.


It May Be Legal but Is it Ethical?

Law provides a floor of minimum standards for government, but public officials should also explore the ethics of their decisions, according to panelists at a recent meeting of the Center’s Public Sector Roundtable.

I Agree

Clicking Through to the Ethics of Social Media Terms of Service (case studies)

Three brief scenarios illustrate the sometimes problematic provisions users accept when they click the “Agree” button to gain access to social media platforms.

Working From Home

Working From Home (video)

How should companies manage employees working at home, and what ethical issues does working at home raise? Patty Woolcock, executive director of the California Strategic Human Resources Partnership, talks with Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson.