Santa Clara University

Programs in Campus Ethics

At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


Resources For Students

Santa Clara University offers a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities for students in support of its mission to educate men and women to be leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion.

Resources For Faculty

The Ethics Center serves Santa Clara University's community of scholars, offering interest groups, curriculum, research support, and other programs.

Hackworth Grants for Faculty and Student Research

Twice a year, the Center awards Hackworth Grants to faculty and students for research and teaching on topics from transitional justice to corporate social responsibility to ethics in dance.

Student Fellowships and Internships

Undergraduates work with the Center to provide programs for their peers through the Hackworth Fellows program. Projects have included creating a statement of values for student athletes, developing media ethics cases for use in communications classes, and sponsoring a discussion series on the ethics of friendship. In addition, the Center offers fellowships in environmental ethics, health care ethics, and business ethics.

The Big Q

An online dialog for undergraduates, the Big Q uses Facebook, Twitter, and a blog to engage students in discussion about the ethical issues in their everyday lives.

Applied Ethics Pathway

Part of the SCU Core Curriculum, the Applied Ethics Pathway invites students to explore the application of critical ethical thinking to real-world problems in areas such as communication, economics and business, health care, politics, gender, sustainability, diplomacy, and war.

Ethics Center Scholars

The Center enjoys a vibrant scholarly community of more than 50 faculty with a research or teaching interest in ethics. They work with all of the Center's program areas, providing expertise and meeting on topics of common interest.


The Center sponsors regular events for the campus and the wider community that bring top thinkers to campus for discussions of ethical issues in many fields. Speakers have incuded Leon Panetta, Victor Davis Hanson, Janet Napolitano, and Bishop Robert McElroy.

Ethics Bowl Team

SCU undergraduates compete in the California Regional of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, a team-based competition consisting of debate over a wide range of ethical issues.


David DeCosse brings a background in publishing and ethics scholarship to his role as director of campus ethics programs. He teaches in the SCU Religious Studies Department.
Brian Green, assistant director of campus ethics, also teaches ethics in the Graduate School of Engineering.