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This Markkula Center for Applied Ethics website is the work of Eric O. Hanson, Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J. Professor of Political Science, Santa Clara University. Its theoretical orientation follows his Religion and Politics in the International System Today (Cambridge University Press, 2006). He plans to keep the site up to date on recent major events that influence the interactions of religion, ethics, and politics in the global political, economic, military, and communication systems. This site aims to be selective rather an exhaustive, referring the reader to many other books and websites for further material. In short, the author seeks to offer a general theoretical framework, references to the most important recent events, and helpful sources for further study. The site is constantly updated on the basis of further reading and discussion with Santa Clara University faculty and students who study global religion, ethics, and politics. The web author, however, takes full responsibility for errors of commission and omission. For the future, he hopes to add other countries and religions and to develop a much fuller section on Interfaith Dialogue. For those interested, the website home page offers longer statements on “General Principles for Choices of Recommended Materials” and “Possible Uses for Different Visitors.” Finally, the help of Markkula communication personnel and web developers is very much appreciated.