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I. In International Systems

            Human Rights in the Global Political System

            Social Justice in the Global Economic System

            Peace in the Global Military System

            Individual and Communal Values in the Global Communication System


            Religion, Ethics and Politics in the Global Environment

            Religion, Ethics, and Technology

            Religion, Ethics, and Politics in Global Women’s Issues

            Op-ed by Eric O. Hanson, “A View of the Future: Understanding religion’s role in the 21st century helps us navigate increasingly intertwined communities and enable pursuit of peace.”

II. By Country and Region

           Files on Countries (35) 

 Files on Regions (10)

III. By Religion

            Files by Religions (14)

            Spirituality and Ritual

            Religion and Civil Society

            Interfaith Dialogue

           Organizations and Events That Have Promoted Interfaith Dialogue

IV. In International Institutions

            The United Nations and Supranational Organizations

            A Global Ethic and the United Nations

            NGOs and Other Transnational Organizations

            International Law and Human Rights      

V. In A Global Ethic

            Comparative Secular and Religious Sources for Ethics

            Catholic Social Thought

            Metaethical Theory: Is Ethics Possible?

            Global Moral Education

            Global Moral Leadership

            Ethics Issue By Issue