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Resources for Global Moral Education

Knowledge about religion and ethics does not automatically produce more ethical citizens. Moral education is also necessary. This section provides resources on three topics:

  • A Character Education Program to Teach Values in Schools
  • Moral Heroes to Inspire Us
  • Community-Based Learning to Inspire Students to Integrate Their Studies with Community Needs

Character Education Curriculum

Moral Heroes

Architects Of Peace Curriculum

Seventy-six entries provide moral heroes from both religious and secular backgrounds

Unsung Heroes from other sources:

A Global Ethic for Global Politics and Economics (London: Oxford, 1998).

See also Crossing the Divide: Dialogue among Civilizations (2001). This is the report of a UN committee chaired by Giandomenico Picco of Italy, with the staff support coming from the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. The eminent personages assembled were A. Kamal Aboulmagd (Egypt), Lourdes Arizpe (Mexico), Hanan Ashrawi (Palestine) Ruth Cardoso (Brazil), Jacques Delors (France), Leslie Gelb (USA), Nadine Gordimer (South Africa), El Hassan bin Talal (Jordan), Sergey Kapitza (Russia), Hayao Kawai (Japan), Tommy Koh (Singapore), Hans Küng (Switzerland), Graça Machel (Mozambique), Amartya Sen (India), Song Jian (China), Dick Spring (Ireland), Tu Weiming (China), Richard von Weizsäcker (Germany), and Javad Zarif (Iran).

The four chapters are Overview; The Context of Dialogue: Globalization and Diversity; A New Paradigm of Global Relations; and About the United Nations. At the end there are seven one-page biographies of “Unsung Heroes” and the biographies of the above.

The “Unsung Heroes” are:

Dr. Faouzi Skali (Morocco) Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, especially Muslim-Chrsitian

Dr. Salahuddin Ramez (Afghanistan) global surgeon, died of sickness in Sierra Leone

Zlata Filipovic (Bosnia) diary of war, published by UNICEF

Jack Beetson (Australia) save indigenous culture

Margaret Gibney (Northern Ireland) childhood stolen by war, Blair reads letter

Sydney Possuelo (Brazil) Brazil’s Department of Isolated Indians

Dr. Sultan Somjee (Kenya) African Peace Museum, traditional approaches to conflict resolution

Community-Based Learning

Arrupe Partnerships for Community-Based Learning

Santa Clara University’s Arrupe Program received notice from the 2006 U.S. News and World Report College Issue as one of the premier such service-learning programs.

Kolvenbach Solidarity Programs for student immersion experiences

November 9, 2009.