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Religion, Ethics and Politics in the International Systems

This section takes its approach from “A New Paradigm for World Politics?” in Eric O. Hanson, Religion and Politics in the International System Today (New York: Cambridge, 2006), 17-46 and chart in Appendix One. The paradigm is based on the interaction between the various levels of international actors and the global political, economic, military, and communication systems. These latter four systems all interact, thus creating fifteen types of issues. Each system itself poses a specific type of ethical question:

A look at religion and ethics in the international systems also suggests a concern for four other issues. Each involves all four of the above systems. These issues are:

An introduction for those who wish a short comprehensive vision of current world affairs and the possible contributions of religion, see Eric O. Hanson’s San Jose Mercury op-ed of April 30, 2006, “A View of the Future: Understanding religion’s role in the 21st century helps us navigate increasingly intertwined communities and enable pursuit of peace.”