Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Ethics Across the Curriculum

The Faculty Development Program, in conjunction with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, invites full-time faculty to submit applications for a new curriculum development opportunity: Ethics Consultations with the Curricular Ethics Consultant.

Lawrence Nelson of the Philosophy Department, the curricular ethics consultant, will provide assistance in incorporating ethics into SCU undergraduate courses in any department. Consultation services may include (but are not limited to) developing case studies for classroom use, assisting in the creation of a module on ethics as part of an overall class, advising on the syllabus, recommending appropriate readings, creating a background memo with an ethical analysis of the targeted subject, modeling effective ethics pedagogy by leading a class discussion in the ethics unit, and recommending an assessment strategy for the ethics portion of the course.

Application guidelines:
Deadline: Rolling
Please submit the following William Sundstrom, associate provost, with a copy to your chair:
  • a brief description of the course and the ethical issue(s) you'd like to work on with the consultant

  • a tentative list of the learning objectives for the ethics section of the course

  • a list of the services you might want from the consultant

  • a tentative syllabus, including the quarter the course will be taught and the likely timeframe for the ethics unit

  • an indication of how often the course is taught, how many students you anticipate, and whether it fulfills a requirement in the current core curriculum.

We look forward to receiving your proposals. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you have questions about this new opportunity for curriculum development in support of ethics across the curriculum.

Thank you

William Sundstrom, Associate Provost for Faculty Development
David DeCosse, Director of Campus Ethics Programs, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Lawrence Nelson, Senior Lecturer and Curricular Ethics Consultant