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Hackworth Research Grant Winners, Fall 2012

The Fall 2012 Hackworth Grant awards went to:

Student Grants

Hazella Bowmani, SCU School of Law, and Joseph Tursi, SCU School of Law, $2,500 each to support projects related to their course-related trip this spring to Cuba with faculty members Cynthia Mertens and Anna Han. Ms. Bowmani will be writing a paper on ethical changes brought about by the increasing privatization of the Cuban economy; Mr. Tursi will be writing on ethical guidelines informing Cuban lawyers.

Faculty Grants

Jerome Baggett, Professor of Religion and Society, Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, $4,300 to support work related to a project called "The Varieties of Irreligious Experience." In this work, Professor Baggett is examining the phenomenon of contemporary atheism and, among other factors, how such a belief system correlates with several fundamental ethical categories.

Elizabeth Drescher, Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, $2,300 to support continuing work on a project called ""Choosing Our Religion: Spiritual and Ethical Practice Among Unaffiliated Believers." A recipient of a previous Hackworth Grant on this topic, Professor Drescher has published on the topic and here is planning additional research into how the dynamic, collaborative practices of social networks are affecting ethical assumptions among the increasing number of Americans who identify themselves as both spiritual but not belonging to any particular religious tradition.

Jonathan Fung, Lecturer, Department of Communication, $1,500 to support continuing work on "Hark," his narrative film about sex slavery in the Bay Area. Professor Fung's film, which was supported in part by an earlier Hackworth Grant, successfully debuted earlier this year. His grant funds now will help enable him to duplicate the work and extend its reach further.

Cheryl McElvain, Lecturer, School of Education, $2,500 to support work on a project called, "Inequities in Mental Health Services for Vulnerable School-Aged Children: A Character Study of Resilience, Self-Discipline, and Hope." Professor McElvain will be studying students in a disadvantaged school district in Gilroy and the effects of the provision of mental health services -- or the lack thereof -- on key indicators of student success that correlate with ethical categories like character.

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