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Hackworth Grant Awards, Spring 2012

The following Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics were awarded in Spring 2012 by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. The grants, which support research and teaching on applied ethics, are supported by a generous gift from Joan and the late Michael Hackworth, longtime supporters of the Ethics Center and Santa Clara University.

Professor Christine Bachen, SCU Communications Department, $2,500 for a project called "Ethical Reasoning in Games and Online Communities." Professor Bachen's research will focus on "how digital games and online communities devoted to games can foster ethical reflection on civic life, in both formal and informal educational contexts."

Professor Maria Castaneda-Liles, SCU Religious Studies, $3,479 for a project called "Portraits of the Dream: The Importance of Investing in Undocumented America." The grant funds will support work on a proposed book on undocumented immigrants who have already been public about their immigration status and on how such immigrants view their pursuit of higher education, personal goals, and professional life.

Professor Niki Den Nieuwenboer, SCU Management, $2,250 for a project called, "Social Status Drives Toward Unethical Behavior." Professor Den Nieuwenboer, a business ethicist, use the funds to support a study analyzing the relationship between social esteem and unethical behavior within business organizations. Does the threat of the loss of social esteem within a workplace invite unethical behavior? Does the desire for the gain of social esteem within a workplace similarly invite unethical behavior? This project will examine these and related questions.

Professor Emily Parker, SCU Philosophy, $1,600 for a project called "Re-thinking Applied Ethics From the Ground Up: Environmental Business Ethics." Professor Parker will use the funds to support the preparation and delivery of a paper that reconsiders the use of case studies in environmental and business ethics. She is especially concerned to root the use of such studies in theoretical approaches more congenial to the relationships with non-humans that characterize human engagement with the environment.

Professor David Pinault, SCU Religious Studies, $5,000 for a project called "Interfaith Collaboration in Articulating a Global Ethic for Addressing Animal Suffering and Deforestation in Muslim Southeast Asia." Professor Pinault has worked extensively on environmental ethics in Muslim southeast Asia; this project will continue that work with a special focus on the possibility of developing a global ethic that could bring together around environmental concerns the diverse Muslim communities of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Professor Keith Warner, SCU Religious Studies, $1,400 for a project called "Bonaventure in Benedict: Franciscan Fingerprints on Human Ecology in Papal Teaching." Professor Warner, a Franciscan brother, will use the funds to support travel in order to give a paper at an academic symposium on Pope Benedict XVI's ecological vision, climate change, and environmental justice.
Chapter published in Environmental Justice and Climate Change: Assessing Pope Benedict XVI's Ecological Vision for the Catholic Church in the United States (Boulder: Lexington Books, 2013)

Professor Mu Xia, Operations and Management Information Systems, $2,500 for a project called "Ethics and e-Commerce in a Developing Country: The Case of China." Professor Xia has noted: "With the explosive growth of e-commerce in China, ethics has become an increasingly pressing issue....Many ethics issues are new, and they appear at an alarming rate. They need careful examination to understand before solutions can be proposed."

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