Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Hackworth Research Grant Winners, Spring 2004


Thomas Plante, Professor, SCU Psychology Department, $2,000 for a project called, "Learning by Spiritual Examples: Measures and Interventions." Professor Plante and his colleagues at Stanford and UC Berkeley will use the grant money to administer a questionnaire about attitudes of college students toward the most important spiritual examples in the students' lives.

Glen Pettigrove, Lecturer, SCU Philosophy Department, $5,000 for a project called, "We Forgive You: A Framework for Political Forgiveness." Professor Pettigrove will examine the different normative constraints that govern the political concept of collective forgiveness compared to the personal concept of the individual forgiveness.
Two papers grew out of this research. One, "Arendt on Forgiveness," was presented at the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association in March 2005. The other, "Forgiving Collectives," was presented at Lancaster University in April 2005 and at the University of St. Andrews in May 2005.


Zeinab Chamsine, SCU '05, $750 for a project called, "Bribery in Lebanon in a Post-War Era." Ms. Chamsine will travel to Lebanon to interview department directors in municipalities, ministries, and other institutions to discuss bribery problems within their work environment to explore how bribery is fought.