Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Hackworth Research Grant Winners, Spring 2006


Barbara Fraser, SCU Department of Theatre and Dance, $5,000 for summer support and production costs to produce a staged reading of the play, "Carl Upchurch: An American Shaman." The play is being written by Professor Fraser, an accomplished playwright. The main character, Carl Upchurch, will be played by Professor Aldo Billingslea of the SCU Department of Theatre and Dance. Carl Upchurch was an African-American who overcame a difficult early life to write the book "Convicted in the Womb" and to mentor or act as a shaman for many young men on the edge of a life of crime. The play, Professor Fraser said, will explore Upchurch's "struggles without a shaman, his success after finding a shaman, and his giving of himself to become a shaman for others."

Leslie Gray, SCU Environmental Studies Institute, $5,000 for summer support for a project called, "Hanging by a Thread: Equity Issues and Cotton Subsidies in Burkina Faso and California." Professor Gray will explore the "equity dimensions of cotton subsidies from two sides of the international trade coin: first in cotton communities in Burkina Faso, one of the world's poorest countries and second in cotton communities in California's Central Valley, one of the world's wealthiest agricultural regions." In addition to the two papers she intends to complete with the assistance of the grant, Professor Gray will also use the grant to develop teaching modules on the ethics of international trade.


Christine Keller, Santa Clara University School of Law, $2,100 to support research and travel related to a project called "Devising a Holistic Approach to International Criminal Justice." Ms. Keller will attend the Summer Session of the Salzburg Law School on International Criminal Law. Her work there is to aid in the development of a paper in which she argues that the international law "establishing the International Criminal Court be amended to allow for greater information-sharing between truth commissions [in former dictatorships] and the Court." Ms. Keller will be working on her project with Professor Beth Van Schaack of the SCU School of Law.

Lacey Schauwecker, Junior at Santa Clara University, $850 to support a project called "Ethics in Literature: Analyzing Santa Clara University Students' Life Changing and Vocation Shaping Books." Because of the project's emphasis on vocation, the Ethics Center and SCU's Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will be co-sponsors of the grant for Ms. Schauwecker; the Ignatian Center has extensive programs supporting student reflection on their vocations. Ms. Schauweckere will be working on her project with Professor Diane Dreher and Professor Simone Billings of the SCU English Department.