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The Good Life

A Student Club About Ethics

Students are faced with ethical choices every day whether or not they are aware of it. The purpose of The Good Life is to allow students to discuss those ethical choices, including dilemmas about dating and relationships, academic integrity, alcohol and drug use, among other topics.

The group will focus on case studies composed by students to encourage ethical thinking and discussion. Here are some examples:

My Poster; My Identity: Should a student take down a poster that offends her neighbor?

My Homework or Our Homework: When Does Collaboration Become Cheating?

Expressing Love: What Will Sex Mean?

The Duties of Friendship: Should a student call the EMTs for her drunken roommate?

Finals Week: What About Stimulants?

The club will also sponsor one large public event a quarter focused on a particular ethical issue undergraduates are dealing with. Through engagement and discussion, we hope to inform undergrads about the prevalence of ethics in everyday life.

Our activities are meant to encourage students to engage with the University's core values of conscience, competence, and compassion.

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