Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

How You Can Help

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics depends on support from a growing network of individuals who have a passionate interest in ethics. Gifts of any amount can make a difference to the Center's work:

$50 buys books for the Center's Character-Based Literacy Program, which integrates teaching values into language arts, science, and social studies classes.

$100 supplies materials with the Center's "Framework for Ethical Decision Making" for two groups of newly elected public officials.

$250 would allow us to create a Webinar on health care ethics or post a podcast on business ethics for managers and executives who are unable to attend our on-site programs here at Santa Clara University.

$500 provides a scholarship for a teacher to attend Ethics Camp for Educators or a mayor, councilperson, or member of a regulatory body to attend Ethics and Leadership Camp for Public Officials.

$1,000 brings a subject matter expert/speaker on the ethical aspects of new technologies, immigration, sports, or other current issues.

$2,500 supports an additional undergraduate intern in the Center's Health Care Ethics Program at O'Connor Hospital.

$10,000 underwrites the creation of a new section of the Center's Web site, like Religion, Ethics, Politics, and World Affairs or creates a yearlong undergraduate fellowship in an area of applied ethics, like the Environmental Ethics Fellowship.

$25,000 allows a company to participate in the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership.

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For more information on how you can financially support the activities and programs of the Ethics Center, please contact Jim Balassone at or 408-554-5466.