Resources for Teachers and Students

Prepare: On November 6, 2000, David Brower died at the age of 88. The environmental legacy he left behind was enormous, including such projects as preventing the damming of the Grand Canyon. Those interested can view an archive of his obituary.

Read: David Brower wrote an original essay for the Architects of Peace project. In it, he explored the ecological value of wilderness preservation.

Explore: David Brower served as Executive Director of the Sierra Club, after which time he founded the Friends of the Earth, and then subsequently founded the Earth Island Institute. Compare and contrast the different missions of these organizations by visiting their respective websites. Note that these groups have distinctly different personalities from each other.

Write: It may seem strange to include an environmental activist in a listing of people who work for the cause of peace, and yet David Brower was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three separate times-in 1978,1979, and 1998-because of his work on behalf the environment. Write a three-to-five page persuasive essay arguing whether environmental concerns should have any bearing on issues of peace. Make a particular note, at some point in the paper, of how you are defining "peace.".

Extend: The Earth Island Institute has initiated a "David Brower Legacy Project," with the goal of inspiring future generations of environmental activists. Those wishing to join in David Brower's vision of "Peace On and With the Earth" can find more information on how to get involved on their website.

Additional Resource: In 1992, when the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, The Blue Planet Prize was initiated by the Asahi Glass Foundation, with the aim of preserving the Earth's beauty for future generations. It is the richest annual award given to those working to solve environmental problem. David Brower won this award in 1998. Please explore a complete list of Blue Planet laureates, and the rationale behind why they were presented the award.

Biography of David Brower