The Architects of Peace Award

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How does a person build peace? There are the obvious paths: He might negotiate a treaty between warring nations. She might change her country's policies to prevent conflict with a neighbor. But there are other, perhaps less obvious ways-- bringing scientific discoveries to bear on malnutrition, standing up for the rights of the oppressed, writing poems or making films that capture the experience of the marginalized.

Santa Clara University has established the Architects of Peace Award to honor global figures who have been powerful forces for peace in the world. The recipients are individuals who have pursued peace in diverse ways, but their common traits include self-sacrifice, courage, vision, compassion, and forgiveness. The first two Architects of Peace honorees were named June 25, 2005. The award will be given annually.

A Jesuit Catholic university, Santa Clara is committed to helping shape a world of peace. The University is developing a multi-disciplinary Peace and Justice Studies minor, augmenting the ongoing interest of its faculty, staff, centers of distinction in fostering academic dialogue and reflective action in support of peace.

The award is given by the president of Santa Clara University, Paul Locatelli, S.J. Honorees are added to the on-line Architects of Peace curriculum, based on the work of photographer Michael Collopy and highlighting the accomplishments of more than 70 peacemakers.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, which administers the award, is the home of the Global Leadership and Ethics Program, which brings together scholars and world leaders to discuss the world's most pressing problems and to identify action programs for service to peace and human development.

If you would like to nominate a peacemaker to receive the award, please e-mail Global Leadership and Ethics Program Director Almaz Negash with the name of your nominee and a brief explanation of why you feel they should be one of the Architects of Peace.

Architects of Peace Award Winners

Mary Robinson
Marla Ruzicka